If you have a knack for cooking, quilting, or knitting, you could start a meal prep delivery service with a small budget of $10k. Outdoor ventures such as camping or hiking could also be an excellent way to make money quickly. Similarly, if you are good with animals, you could create a food business, which would not only make you money fast, but also provide an essential service to those in need. Another business that can be started with less than 10k is a franchise.

Another business idea that requires a small amount of capital is to sell second-hand clothes. Many people cannot afford to purchase new clothes and second-hand clothing is a great alternative. Moreover, you can earn 100% profit from your sales. Second-hand clothing is a great business to start with tenk, as most people cannot afford new clothes.

If you love animals and enjoy gardening, you could also start a pet-walking service and earn a decent income from it. Similarly, if you have a large yard or orchard, you could sell your produce at a credible price and earn good money from it. Besides, these services can also grow your business with referrals.

Another great business to start with tenk is drop shipping. In this business, you will order products online and have them delivered to your customers. As a result, you don’t have to open a physical store or hire employees. The key to a successful drop shipping business is knowing your target audience and the kinds of products in high demand.

Depending on the business that you choose, you might need to invest in equipment. If you want to start a barber shop, you would need clippers, sterilizers, and other tools. A hair-styling business doesn’t require much equipment, though. All you need is a pair of hands.

Providing food services is another great option for businesses to start with 10k. People with food cravings crave healthy foods. You can begin a business with 10k and deliver them for a fee. Besides, this business allows you to gain a loyal customer base and can even expand internationally.

Another option for people with tenk is selling perfume oils. As long as you have the patience to research wholesalers and buy the quantities you need, you can make decent money in this industry. People love to smell good. It requires little money and requires little space. Even if you don’t have much money, you can still sell perfume oils, a highly-popular business.

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