If you want to boost your sales results, AI-powered tools may help. They can automate tedious tasks while providing useful insight that strengthen customer relationships.

Select a tool that easily integrates with both your CRM and sales tech stack to avoid data silos and ensure an uninterrupted workflow.

Apollo AI

Apollo AI is a sales hub designed to increase productivity among your team by offering top-of-the-line sales execution tools. It streamlines outreach efforts, orchestrates calls and LinkedIn interactions, optimizes schedule management and automates email sequences while offering rich data enrichment capabilities. Furthermore, Apollo integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and HubSpot platforms, enabling seamless data management and synchronization.

Our sales intelligence features help you gain a deeper insight into your prospects by providing details on company profiles, tech stacks and recent trigger events/news. With this data in hand, it allows for tailoring messages for more efficient engagement.

Apollo’s automation and AI work tirelessly behind-the-scenes to free up your time. You can use these powerful tools to easily connect with leads that will increase your success rate, send follow up emails automatically and automate other tasks such as uncovering accounts based on predictive analysis. Plus, its API enables customisation that suits any business need!


Exceedai is an AI sales assistant designed to expand both the top and middle stages of your sales funnel by engaging marketing qualified leads (MQLs) in human-like, 24/7 two-way email, website chat and SMS conversations that engage marketing qualified leads (MQLs). Exceedai identifies and verifies lead intent before asking qualification questions and scheduling meetings on rep calendars when lead is ready to speak with human sales rep. It has proven effective at increasing rep productivity while increasing scalability; clients such as CBORD Horizon who provide nutrition software systems to hospitals as well as educational institutions and Demandbase have experienced impressive productivity gains thanks to Exceedai.


Freshsales CRM tool helps manage sales activities and automate processes efficiently, with features like custom fields, modules and sales sequences for better lead scoring capabilities and social lead enrichment capabilities. Furthermore, its summary section can help highlight crucial data relevant to your business.

Start out with our free plan, which offers deal management and basic phone and chat features. As your needs increase, the Growth plan offers additional features like visual sales pipelines, AI-powered insights and email automation. Finally, the Pro plan offers prioritize leads with time- and behavior-based triggers, engaging outreach campaigns and built-in metrics for tracking performance.

The Enterprise plan offers even more advanced functionality, with multiple sales pipelines, enhanced workflow automation and AI-powered insights. Furthermore, this plan supports hundreds of currencies and languages, and lets you create custom modules. Furthermore, you have control over specific data fields to make them editable, readable or hidden as desired.


Drift is an AI-powered conversational platform that empowers companies to deliver customized buyer experiences. Combining demand generation processes with buyer conversations to enable sales teams engage buyers at scale. Bionic Chatbots use generative AI to understand each business and channel it into sales conversations that support buyers throughout their purchasing journey.

Playbooks allow users to create targeted messages that can be activated at specific events, such as when visitors arrive on a website or page, or scroll down a certain percentage of the screen. Messages created using Playbooks could include greetings, asking questions to determine buyer intent or routing visitors directly to appropriate people.

Drift has an intuitive user-friendly interface that is simple to learn without needing technical expertise or extensive software usage. Furthermore, it features numerous robust integrations with other systems and comes in different editions including enterprise version so customers can customize how it looks and feels for them.

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